How to book a ticket for a Singapore ferry service?

Singapore has a number of islands that need ferry service as the only mode of conveyance to reach these places. If you too are planning to visit the Sentosa Island, the Jurong Island, PulauUbin, PulauUjong or even the Kusu Island, you need to have a ferry ticket. Ferries leave from the many harbours of Singapore on a daily basis. Different ferry services have their ferries leave throughout the day. You can choose a ferry on the very time that suits your time of travelling the most.

batam-fast-ticketNot just within Singapore, if you want to travel to the many Malaysian islands from the Singaporean destinations that too is possible with these ferry services. From Singapore to Indonesia, Malaysia and other places in the surrounding region, you can take the ferry as your mode of conveyance for travelling. There are many ferry services that offer tickets for the travellers or tourists, who wish to cover a number of islands for sheer holidaying purpose.

How to book ferry tickets online?

There are many ferry terminals or harbours in Singapore such as Tanah Mera, Bandar BentanTelani Ferry Terminal and others from which a number of ferries leave every day to the many islands and places surrounding Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. You can easily choose Easybook bintan ferry for travelling to Bintan from Singapore.

Booking the tickets online is the best idea. There are many online ferry ticket booking sites that you can choose. You only have to mention the place from which you want to travel and the destination of your travel. As soon as you mention the date of travelling and proceed to make the payment, you will be able to secure your ferry tickets, without any problem of long queues and hassles.

Considering Renting Car in KL

Driving a car in another nation while on your visit can present to you a considerable measure of advantages. You have permission to go back and forth as you pick and investigate wherever the street takes you. Besides, there are a couple of things that you have to think seriously about before you endeavor to drive off in any vehicle. These are vital because you require an arrangement when you go to new region.


Continuously verify you comprehend the nation’s laws. It can be simple for individuals to accept that they know the rules with respect to driving in a government. Besides, rules can change by urban communities not to mention whole nations so you should be acquainted with the laws before you go to the country. Visit your library, seek on the web, and converse with travel specialists about where you need to drive and what the laws are.

Comprehend what kind of fuel you requirement for your vehicle. You may contemplate autos, yet vehicles in different nations can be altogether different. You have to recognize what type of fuel is perfect with the auto, how to work a gas pump in another nation, and where to get fuel. Ask the rental service online like Easybook malaysia car rental these inquiries before you leave the parking garage. Have somebody circle places on a guide where you can top off.

Recognize what you ought to in a crisis circumstance. Ideally you will not end in a crisis, yet life is flighty. You have to know whom to call if you are in a mischance in Kuala Lumpur. Find out how to alternate a tire and verify there is extra in case you are voyaging broadly. Continuously convey your distinguishing proof with you if there should arise an occurrence of a mischance, and never get individuals that you do not have the foggiest idea.

Verify how the cars or ferry from booking online. Cars can look altogether different in different nations. The control board may look entirely different to what you are utilizing. Play with the autos manages to make sense of what everyone does. Verify you know where the peril catch, crisis brake, and windshield wiper controller are. It is likewise a smart thought to alter the seat and mirrors before you take off.

Know where to get and drop off the car. It may appear like an undeniable component. However, car rental services will convey the auto to you and take it away when you are finished with it. Some can be transported and sitting tight at the air terminal for you and this is likely where you can abandon it when you are prepared to go home. Continuously verify you know where the vehicles should be and when it ought to be back before you take off.

Getting around Singapore

There are a number of modes of transportation available to reach this amazing zoo. The easiest way to get to this zoo is boarding the MRT or bus on the Red Line and going along the connecting public bus services. There are a lot of tourists from Indonesia, some of them get easybook online ferry ticket. Self-driving or hiring taxis or even renting cars from the Singapore car rental services are also the options you can select.

Sheltered as well as open air parking lots are available for two wheelers and four wheelers, while the drive itself is just for 30 minutes from the main city. Pan Island Expressway and Central Expressway provide easy access and connectivity to these parks.


A zoo where you can experience everything

Singapore Tourism Board has awarded this zoo nine times with the prestigious Best Leisure Attraction Experience Award. Spread over 26-hectare of land, this park is nestled in the lush greens of the Mundai Rainforest- hence this zoo is also known as the rainforest zoo.

Certain special features like elevated platforms, underwater galleries and glass observatories are also available for special viewing of animals such as giraffes and crocodiles. Trekking programs and expeditions are also available as part of the special packages. Little ones can have a blast in the Rainforest Kids world while splashing water in the wet area and also learn while playing in this enriching area.

Feeding areas and live performances by elephants and other animals are a must-watch. Conservation of wildlife and Biodiversity preservation are the main goals for the authorities handling this zoo. They want to create a world wherein people are inspired to appreciate and respect the animals with which we share this beautiful planet of ours.

Decoding the ferry rides from Singapore

Ferry rides are always cool and very refreshing; and if your ride is from one country to another, then it’s even more inviting. Singapore is situated on a location that is very strategic in nature. From the city you can always get on to a bus, car or even a ferry and get to other neighbouring countries.ferry0012

Yes, you can easily explore the whole of the Asean region from Singapore. This is why the city was always our, and also of many others, first choice.  And, as soon as we descended towards the Changi international airport at Singapore, we knew our decision was right.

The city which is full of surprises so that you can have a great time:

Singapore is all about surprises, and we were certainly bomb shelled as soon as we landed in the city. The city itself will appeal to you thanks to its diversified culture and the amount of the people from different religion and race. In fact, it does not matter whether you are white, Asian or from any other race, you will blend and mix well in Singapore. The city consists of places like little India and Chinatown where you can easily find people from various cultures. But, the city is also famous for its top quality restaurants. Hence, you can always find everything that you need in a perfect way when you are in Singapore. At least this was our assessment of the city when were there.

Exploring Singapore and the nearby areas on a ferry:

Another great aspect of the city is its ferries. You can easily take a ferry ride from the Singapore Ferry Terminal located at the Harbour Front and get to other places around the Asean countries. You can easily go and get a ferry to the famous Batam Island or the great Bintan Island. Both of these places are in the country of Indonesia.

You can also get a ferry from Singapore to Malaysia and more precisely to the Johor Bharu. You can get this ferry from the Changi Ferry terminal in Singapore. All the above said routes will take you out of Singapore and put you in other countries.